Last week, Rex Huppke published an article entitled  “Keep on playing the field”  in ( where he advocates the practice of infidelity when it comes to the workplace. He pointed out that in these days, in this economy, looking after ones interests may well involve straying from the fold in search of greener pastures.

A friend of mine once told me that he wanted to join a gym because he was having a blasé relationship. “I’ve been on the lookout for some firmer meat, myself,” He told me. I suppose that’s networking.

The article stated that it is always prudent to keep an eye out for new opportunities. It’s a matter of keeping your head up and your stick on the ice. These, I believe, are sage words these days. Where I live, in employment services, there is a tremendous shaking up of all of the employment programs. I know of several agencies that are closing their doors at the beginning of April. Their contracts were not renewed. In spite of the fact that good jobs were being done, people will be joining the swelling ranks of the unemployed.

I may be one of them.

As Alfred E. Newman, Mad Magazine’s long lived avatar would say, “What me worry?”

Here’s how I view it. It may be a good thing for employment counsellors to be out of work from tine-to-time. That way they can put all those job-finding skills  to the test. When a new position is attained, those new clients  could be assured that that worker knows what he/she is doing.

If you are working, it’s always good to have those skills ready in case the axe falls. Be proactive.

  • Freshen up your resume so you can be the first to apply for new positions. Use a resume consultant such as yours truly to provide a second opinion.
  • Network with people in the field – or even outside the field. Remember that I was a successfully employed archaeologist when I spotted that axe coming at me. It was a stone axe.
  • Find new ways to network such as business groups (Boards of Trade, service clubs etc.)
  • Invest in a coach or a mentor.
  • Write some articles inside your field.
  • Start a blog.
  • Make a list of your skills and see what might be able to transfer to other areas such as HR or teaching,  and see what kind of training you would need to upgrade and update those skills.
  • Update your wardrobe: spring for a ‘let’s –talk-about-it suit
  • Update your eyewear. It’s hard to go through an interview if your eyes are stinging because you had to use crazy glue to hold your glasses together.
  • Get busy

Mike Broderick is an Employment Specialist for the Neil Squire Society in Burnaby where he finds employment for people with physical disabilities. Part of this work means affiliation with the Vancouver Board of Trade where he is a member of the Ambassador Club, the Burnaby Board of Trade where he is a member of the Labour Task Force, the Tri Cities Chamber of Commerce where he is an active member of the 10X10 initiative, and the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce. He does some work as a field Archaeologist and is a  fitness instructor and frequent contributor of fitness humour articles to alive magazine in Port Coquitlam. You can reach him at home at   or at

 If you’re looking for a career change, he is the Spin Doctor and can give you a resume makeover at competitive rates



  1. Sharon Says:

    Great info for hard times, Mike. Loved the “stone axe” line and “let’s talk-about-it suit.” I’d always called mine “interview suit.”

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